Pool lounge

Upper Montclair, NJ

About THIS Project

This home went through its last renovation in 1991. It was inspired by the Postmodern architectural style that combines classical and modern designs, which yields its fragmented structures and forms.

We made use of the existing horizontal ban of windows, the pitched roof and wood in the façade, all of which provided a great representation of the style and its original architectural features. 

We designed an aesthetic uplift to the exterior by curating a beautiful and contrasting dark gray color. This selection of color showcases the nautical hue of blue throughout the pool and new lounge area.

We selected furniture that was sturdy, yet stylish that had good storage and mobility features.

Facets of the client’s personal style were represented with textured fabrics and accessories with graphic visual designs. The result is a place to lounge and gather by a heated pool and Jacuzzi from Spring to the Fall.