Master Bedroom & Home Office/lounge

Basking ridge, NJ

About THIS Project

Minimalist and contemporary spaces with a homy style. That did not mean that it had to be cold and rigid.

We created an atmosphere of simplicity by adding light tones, open plan, and the favorable furniture.

The objective was to create a sense of calm and pleasing aesthetics, by utilizing organic materials and shades of nature (beige and brown for wood tones, gray for lava rock, red for the sunset skies and brass for the bright sun). This prevented the room from appearing sterile.

We combined different light fixtures and these contrasting neutral tones, no leaving white walls at all. We went with a simple approach of furniture and functionality, and went a little more daring with the accessories by displaying large paintings, sculptural light sources, accent walls and kept the rest of the room clear.

Project in progress. 3D rendering.